Frequently Asked Questions

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Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about using the Lightsapp platform. If you still can't find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a question

Frequently Asked Questions

Job seekers


How do I integrate my LinkedIn account after I have signed into Lightsapp with a local account?

If you originally registered with a local Lightsapp account and now wish to integrate your LinkedIn account you must first delete your first attempt, otherwise the system will block you as a duplicate user. Please go to "Remove my account" and start with the LinkedIn option, this will take no longer than 10 minutes!

Why am I getting a message that my email is already in use when I try to login with my Linkedin account?

You have most likely started your registration with a local account and now trying to integrate your Linkedin after the fact and so it's blocking the duplicate user. You must delete your first account to start with your LinkedIn account. This will not take long to build once you integrate your details. Please go to "Remove my account" to start with the LinkedIn option, this will take no longer than 10 minutes!

Why are the skills not transferring from Linkedin, it feels like double the work?

Lightsapp made a conscience decision NOT to transfer the skills from LinkedIn at this stage as they are not a reliable source of information. We've all experienced people in our network endorsing us of skills we don't really have, so it doesn't seem a "true" baseline for criteria that is very important in the selection process.

Why aren't the certifications not transferring from LinkedIn to my profile?

Although we import the training, education and certification information into your profile, they lack consistency due to the free form format allowed in LinkedIn. If a company wishes to search on certification, they will do so based on our certification list. We encourage you to "Add new Certification". If the certification is not listed, you can request a new certification to be added and we will manage the correct entries to enforce that accurate information is being captured.

Payment Fee

Does the candidate have to pay for this service?

This service is FREE to the Candidate. The hiring employer is the paying customer and will be charged a small connection fee to be in contact, so please be sure to respond to offers if you wish to accept/decline.

Skills & Job offers

How do I know if there are contract opportunities that match my skills?

The most important and common search criteria companies will search for in addition to your availability are your skills and roles you allocate to your profile. Search results will be matched to your profile if those skills and roles exist in your profile. Once the company does a search and finds you on the shortlist, they will request to connect with you via an email invitation to your desginated account, to initiate dialogue.

What happens after I complete my profile, do I have to do anything more to get offers?

Once you complete your profile with all the accurate details you will go into the resource pool and appear in shortlists when your expertise is a match to the requirements of the hiring employer. It's very important that you represent your skills / roles / location / rate / availability acurately to maximise your chances to appear on the shortlist.

How do I make sure that my profile is successful in attracting the right job offers?

Attracting the right job offers is entirely in your hands. Your profile must be a true representation of your skills and availability. Companies have a way of rating your performance so best to put forward your strongest competence and deliver a great outcome to secure positive rating & ongoing work.


How do I keep my calendar updated?

When you first register on Lightsapp it is advised that you use the calendar feature to block any dates that you are predisposed. As the system starts to offer you job opportunities, the "lights" on the calendar will change from green to amber (negotiatation mode which is initiated when you accept a company invitation) and then to red when you accept an offer.

I am available now, so no calendar events to report. How do I make my completion bar move?

Best to put in days available Mon-Fri unless you wish to work weekends, this will move the completion bar to a higher status. There are also, certifications, locations and daily rates that need your input. Select the hyperlinks along the top bar to help you complete all outstanding activities to ensure your profile is complete and current.

Completion bar

Why is my calendar completion bar stuck at 50%?

If you have registered without any calendar engagements then the system puts a high weighting on this metric and will report up to a 50% completion. Please consider that this is the most important feature for companies to ascertain your true availability, so don't leave your calendar "green" if you are engaged.


Why would I use this system instead of a recruiter?

Lightsapp is a transparent marketplace. We do not uplift a fee on your pay rate. Given that the company is paying your price directly, there may be more room for you to negotiate those dollars in your pocket! This is a lead generation tool that allows you the power to make your own decisions about when and where you want to work, this has to be a positive change!

How is this service different to LinkedIn?

Lightsapp adds a layer of visilibility on top of the LinkedIn profile to promote your availability for contract work. Our service can easily capture talent pools available to deliver projects in any-one-place at any-one-time by the calendar feature and a true summary of skills/location/rates.

How is this service different to other services in the marketplace? Eg Upwork and

We are not a jobsboard. The job board method is not discreet and encourage bad behaviours as bidding promotes "race to the bottom" rate warfare leaving the candidate demotivated. This has a profound impact on productivity and can deter full-term completion of projects when candidates are not satisfied with pay.

Reporting Insights

How do I know if anyone is looking at my profile?

Currently we are tracking all the movements on our website, soon we will be able to report these insights in your profile. At this stage, whilst the service is in Beta mode

Why do I have to designate more than one location for work?

It is evident that candidates / consultants are willing to travel beyond their place of residency. If you are willing to consider contracts outside of your city, in regional or interstate it will increase your chances of work.

Do you have the option to work remote or is this only onsite local resourcing?

Yes, you can flag yourself as a remote and/or local candidate. Have a remote flag will widen your reach with companies out of your jurisdiction willing to accept remote workers where it makes sense.


RISQ & Credential Verification

How do we know if a candidate is reliable?

At Lightsapp, we take trust very seriously. That's why we've teamed up with the RISQ Group to deliver credential verification. When searching for candidates, those with a "KNOWN" status will give you peace of mind.

How can we trust the quality of your candidates?

When you see the KNOWN logo associated with a candidate, you instantly know their credentials have been screened by a reputable, experienced and independent third party

One of your candidates is not verified for "work readiness" how do I get his credentials checked?

A request form is available within the Lightsapp platform to get the procses started. It's as simple as few clicks of a button for that peace-of-mind!


Can I provide access to different internal resources in my organisation to use Lightsapp?

Yes, each Subscription license allows 5 separate logins to be created within the company account. The Account Administrator can add/del users and also have high level view of activity.

How do we know if a candidate is available?

When you indicate in your search criteria the date range, the candidate with the best skills match will go to the top of the shortlist based on availability status. Those ready to go will be on the top of the list!

How long does it take for a candidate to get back to us?

Typically we allow 3 days for a response, then the service will send a follow-up push notification to the candidate's mobile. You are not expected to wait beyond 5 days if it's a matter of urgency, you can retrieve the offer at any time.

How do we know how many people are available in a specific talent pool of mandatory skill?

The Lightsapp dashboard will report a summary of skills available at any-one-time in our data. If you want to do a more specific search, the roles defined have counters next to them with the number of candidates in the database.


Is the calendar always up-to-date?

Calendar accuracy is the responsibility of the candidate to maintain. Whilst some are very good at keeping current, some are not. If you should contact a candidate who's status is false, we can issue a warning and refund your connection fee to pack for "On-Demand" customers.

One of your candidates wasn't available and the Lightsapp calendar stated otherwise, do I get my money back?

If you should contact a candidate who's availaibility status is false, we can issue a warning and refund your connection fee to the pack for "On-Demand" customers.

PayPartners & CMO

Can I still outsource the provision the invoice and the onboarding of our contingent labour?

We work with a Contract Management Outsourcer which can provision the invoice, manage timesheets and payroll. Should you wish to use our partners a streamlined workflow exists in the platform to streamline the process in a single step.