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Our Partners

"Lightsapp delivers the visibility a contractor needs; we provide the support that contractor needs to thrive career. This is another step toward empowering contractors and bringing fairness and opportunity to the market."

-Nick Roberts, RISQ Group

Entity Solutions

Entity Solutions designs and delivers tailored workforce solutions to enable businesses to experience the benefits of managing a workforce in the evolving world of work. They specialise in: contractor management services, outsourced payroll services, migration services and workforce technology solutions. Our partnership enables Lightsapp candidates and employers to not only connect but to be easily onboarded.

Student Partnerships

Student Partnerships strives to prepare students for professional work life with real world experience, whilst being able to help businesses thrive. Students are partnered with small business to help run and complete projects from a variety of professions. To ensure that projects are successful, supervisors with relevant workplace experience are also selected to oversee work done by student teams.

Lightsapp is the preferred platform to ensure students and recent graduates find work that matches their skills and qualifications. The partnership is working to build the largest graduate pool of talent in Australia!


Our partnership with Swinburne is based on providing students an alternate and efficient pathway into the workforce. Starting out as a candidate worker equips employees with a broader experience and knowledge base, and as a result increases their marketability as a respected expert.


Trust is something that we value highly at Lightsapp, hence we have teamed up with the RISQ group to deliver credential verification.

KNOWN powered by RISQ assists in providing that trust. Give yourself confidence that the people you engage in your business are who they say they are, and can do the work they claim they can do. When you see the KNOWN logo associated with a candidate, you instantly know their credentials have been screened by a reputable, experienced and independent third party.

Candidates are encouraged to proactively get themselves ‘KNOWN’, to maximise their opportunities and gain extra credibility in the workforce.


Our relationship with Humanity in Business stems from our desire to help leaders create highly engaged and purposeful organisations. Together we aim to educate business leaders on ways to effectively lead their employees, to improve relationships and engagement. Highly engaged employees create sustainable business outcomes, and create better outcomes for the company and surrounding communities in the long-term.


Like Lightsapp, Recruitchamp is an industry leader providing innovative technology driven solutions globally. Our partnership stems from our shared vision ‘to drive a more efficient, more beneficial and more transparent hiring process’. Recruitchamp’s innovative process and revolutionary technology integrate seamlessly into the Lightsapp platform greatly enhancing the user experience of both our clients and our valued candidates.

Candidates generating a Recruitchamp video profile within the Lightsapp platform greatly enhance their appeal to prospective employers. Recruitchamp - ‘Stand out from the crowd’

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